May 7, 2019ArticleAI: IP Policy ConsiderationOn January 31, 2019, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (US PTO) organized a full-day event titled "Artificial Intelligence: Intellectual Property Policy Considerations" which included numerous speakers such as government administrators, academics, industry leaders, and practitioners. One of the many topics discussed the challenges of patenting AI, implications of advancing AI technology on IP laws such as copyright and trademarks, and perspectives on AI policies around the world. In the following slides, some of the topics are summarized with highlights and comments: (i) focus areas of the current administration for promoting AI R&D in US, (ii) key aspects of AI and strategies for preparing AI related patent applications, and (iii) perspectives on AI policies in EU, China, Singapore, and Japan.USPTO Event - More
February 12, 2018ArticleFacts Matter for Patent Eligibility AnalysisFacts no longer matter in American politics, but they still do in patent law. And that is good news for patent owners and applicants facing §101 challenges under the infamous Alice decision. More