Countries around the world rely on heavy industry to provide the infrastructure critical to propel economic growth. No matter the size, scale or complexity of the technology, our professionals have extensive experience securing the intellectual property rights of global leaders in heavy industry. We provide a wide array of legal services, including procurement of utility and design patents, trademarks and copyrights. We are heavily involved in the development and management of intellectual property portfolios, due diligence and strategic counseling. We also possess actively engaged licensing, post-grant and litigation practices to ensure enforcement of intellectual property assets in heavy industry.

Our professionals have served the intellectual property needs of heavy industry in fields such as mining, industrial machinery, mass transportation, energy and chemicals. We possess a depth of knowledge of oil, coal, gas, and other mineral and material mining technologies, across all stages from exploration to final production, and of modern practices such as fracking and directional drilling. We also have extensive experience with green energy, including manufacturing photovoltaic cells and producing solar panels. Our expertise extends to advancements in manufacturing automobiles, aircrafts, marine vessels, rail and freight systems, and countless other transportation vehicles. We have practice protecting a broad range of innovations in factories, plants, foundries, and refineries, including computer and robotic automation, along with green and pollution control technologies. From massive earthmoving and construction machines to complex iron, steel, aluminum, petroleum, plastic, and other industrial material and chemical processing, our professionals take pride in understanding the smallest details to obtain and guard the intellectual property rights of our heavy industry clients.