Energy production, distribution, and management are an essential part of our everyday lives regardless of the underlying source of the energy. We work with some of the world leaders in power production, distribution, and delivery, to protect their inventions—whether in oil and gas production, nuclear, or renewable energy. Our professionals work in biofuels, hybrid vehicles, hot water generation, energy-efficient desalinization, energy conservation, nuclear, wind, solar, storage, hybrid power generation, and a variety of renewable energy sources. In addition to preparing and prosecuting patent applications, we also provide a broad range of legal services for the energy sector, including intellectual property due diligence, whitespace analysis, strategic counseling, and intellectual property mining for invention capture.

In renewable power technologies, our expertise is not limited to power generation, but instead extends to its distribution, sale, and control. Wind energy is an area where our professionals have obtained numerous patents for our clients, and successfully assisted them in licensing and enforcement of their intellectual property assets directed to wind energy. We also have extensive working knowledge of nuclear systems, solar systems, tidal, and hydro systems. Our working knowledge in these fields permits our attorneys to explain in writing and in person to the USPTO corps how advances are causing paradigm shifts in how systems are being designed and implemented. We have worked with large companies, research institutes, and emerging companies in energy conversion. Some of the energy conversion involved nanomaterial structures facilitating improvements in both energy collection (prior to conversion) and conversion efficiency. While our work has been associated principally with solar energy capture and conversion, a number of our clients have turned to our expertise to help develop IP directed to the harvesting of “waste energy” previously lost to the environment from conventional fossil fuel power plants and/or from conventional nuclear power plants, but now capturable with novel nanomaterial structures involving thermoelectric and thermophotovoltaic devices.

In additional to power production, we have worked extensively on hybrid vehicle and fuel cell technologies for more than 15 years. Before hybrid vehicles were known in the U.S., we brought a client’s hybrid vehicle to the USPTO so that examiners would have an opportunity to see for themselves how this revolutionary technology actually operated. Over 70 patent examiners inspected and drove the vehicle. This was a great success for our client in educating examiners likely to examine applications in this technology area.

While not many power production facilities have historically had large intellectual property operations, we understand from our long-term clients that this is changing. We have been working aggressively over the past several years to assist our clients in developing in-house invention capture and patent promotion programs. For example, our clients in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are actively positioning themselves for a post-oil economy. We have developed propriety processes to help our clients in the MENA region rapidly become recognized as leaders in innovation, which is reflected in their expanding patent portfolios and strategic planning involving securing IP rights around the world.