Many of the world’s most innovative companies rely on our professionals to secure, leverage, and enforce patents on their most important inventions. We work with large multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups, and universities in developing extensive patent portfolios intended to actively protect their innovations.

We have developed a “Smart Prosecution” program designed to obtain high-quality patents with fewer Office Actions than in conventional prosecution approaches. Our firm continues to set records for the most issued U.S. patents each year. We have accomplished this efficiency, in part, by reducing the total number of Office Actions in each patent application while maintaining quality. Smart Prosecution involves the investment of resources upfront in the preparation or revision of a patent application, with an eye toward emerging U.S. patent law issues (statutory subject matter, indefiniteness, functional claiming), in concert with holding face-to-face interviews with Examiners early in the prosecution. As a consequence of the success of these strategies, our clients entrust us with increasingly larger percentages of their growing patent portfolios, which has in turn allowed us to consistently obtain more than 6,000 issued patents each year.

Securing this many patents per year not only demands efficiency, but requires our professionals’ cumulative knowledge of the patent prosecution process. We have had and continue to have more interactions with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent examiners than any other firm does. This expertise has been particularly valuable for prosecution of patent applications relating to software, especially in light of the recent changes in case law pertaining to software-related patents. Because of this expertise, our Smart Prosecution approach results in timely and cost-efficient conclusions to patent prosecution, by our working with examiners rather than against them.

With an office adjacent to the USPTO’s main campus in Alexandria, Virginia, our professionals meet daily with USPTO examiners. Our personal approach to advocacy ensures that the examiners clearly understand and appreciate the novel and nonobvious features of each of our clients’ inventions. As a result of our discussions with examiners, we can obtain patents more cost effectively and rapidly than competing law firms.

We believe that intellectual property—particularly U.S. patents—is a fundamental business asset, which must be able to withstand validity challenges in post-grant proceedings, and validity challenges or non-infringement defenses in litigation. By leveraging our experience as a leader in post-grant practice and litigation, we apply the best practices during prosecution to enhance the likelihood that our clients’ issued patents will survive a validity challenge.