Copyright Overview

Copyrights protect original, creative works such as art, images, movies, music, books, manuals, and computer programs. Works protected by copyright are an integral part of a client’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio and are valuable business assets.

Oblon assists clients in identifying and determining how best to protect their copyrightable property. With decades of experience in copyright law, we guide clients through a full range of copyright issues, including ownership, assignment, licensing, registration, recordation, and litigation. 

The types of works protected by Oblon's Copyright team include computer software, text, online content, artwork and designs, literary works, photographs, product design, and packaging.

Working closely with our clients, we evaluate IP portfolios to identify copyrightable property, determine ownership, formulate the best methods of protection, and address other potential issues. We provide a wide variety of services, including registration, licensing, assignment/transfer of copyrights, fair-use assessment, permissions for third-party use, recordation with U.S. Customs, and litigation involving enforcing or defending copyrights.

Through due diligence reviews of company materials, copyrightable materials are identified. Such identification allows clients to take full advantage of their current IP assets and appropriately evaluate issues relating to possible acquisition, merger, sale, or purchase of a division or company.

Utilizing U.S. Customs procedures, as well as working with foreign counsel, we assist in recording and enforcing copyrights to prevent counterfeit products from entering the United States or other countries. These procedures often result in counterfeit goods' being detained at the border, without the necessity of a lawsuit or posting bond.