Most modern businesses would come to a grinding halt if their software-based systems ceased operating. We work with some of the world’s most innovative software and service-based companies to help them protect their innovations and strengthen their position in the marketplace, by efficiently obtaining software-related patents on their inventions. Our professionals work on a wide range of technologies, including digital control systems, imaging, e-commerce, mobile applications, network security, user interfaces, social networking, cloud computing, encryption, augmented reality and content delivery.

The topic of software-related patents has been prominent due to attempts by the U. S. legislative and judicial branches to restrain overly litigious entities that use software-related patents primarily as a mechanism to extract money from multiple defendants. However, most of our clients’ inventions involve computers or software at some level, and they have a legitimate need to protect their innovations with patents—even if some of the claims read on software-related aspects of the inventions.

We take great pride in staying current on the law as well as on trends in the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Patent Trial & Appeal Board, district and appellate courts, and the International Trade Commission (ITC), regarding which claiming strategies are successful versus those that are not well-suited for software-based patents. Because patents are legal documents that serve an important business purpose for our clients, our professionals remain actively engaged in developing claiming strategies and arguments that most effectively secure patents for both near-term and long-term protection of the underlying inventions. We also work closely with patent examiners to develop claim language that will not only satisfy internal USPTO requirements, but serve our clients’ objectives for their patents.