Understanding how your technology can be used to its full advantage within the business and legal frameworks is of the utmost importance in today’s competitive global marketplace. Oblon’s professionals take a fluid, cost-effective team approach, assigning the most highly qualified attorneys to specific projects. We work with our clients to develop their products and market them without running afoul of the competition. Additionally, the group counsels clients on risk management and litigation avoidance, assessing the possibilities of patent infringement when client products are launched or about to be launched. Our attorneys also collaborate with clients in extracting competitive advantages out of their intellectual property rights, for example by developing a patent portfolio that targets a new area of technology, thus placing legal barriers around that market to exclude competitors.

With a technically-and business-savvy team, we are able to advise clients on innovative strategies, business aspects, and the legal challenges they face, providing comprehensive advice needed to succeed in the highly competitive world market.

Our Services

Our team renders hundreds of patent opinions per year ranging from a single patent issue to long-term counseling on complex patent portfolio management and development concerns and litigation strategies. We routinely counsel our clients on:

  • Validity and enforceability
  • Infringement and misuse
  • Design-around issues
  • Licensing options
  • Bayh-Dole Act and government rights
  • International issues, including export controls and international/domestic filing opportunities and strategies

Our attorneys counsel clients through:

  • Early-stage development
  • Patent portfolio development
  • Prior art searches
  • Patent disputes
  • Reexaminations and reissues
  • Patent enforcement
  • Potential and ongoing litigation
  • Due diligence and patent portfolio analysis

We handle all types of technologies including cosmetics, semiconductors, circuits, nanotechnology, biotech, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, high-tech plastics and glass.

Oblon's attorneys and professionals are especially skilled at advising clients on the interplay of patents and business. We work closely with our clients’ inventors, technical staff, legal, marketing and business teams to identify potential risks and benefits, determine effective uses of innovations, and assure intellectual property portfolio optimization. Applying practical experience, legal expertise and technical know-how, we take an overall view of our clients’ business goals in order to devise methods to help them protect their intellectual property, optimize its value, and improve their market position. We evaluate global implications when giving advice, considering the differences in the U.S. and foreign legal systems so that they can be applied to our clients’ advantage.