Beyond the Office

Chico grew up in El Paso, Texas. His family spent a great deal of time south of the Rio Grande in Mexico, with “one foot on each side of the river,” making him a “fronterizo.”

Music has always played a large role in Chico’s life. He has played the clarinet since he was nine years old, and he currently plays the clarinet in the City of Fairfax Band. Mr. Gholz even met his wife through music. He was the president of the MIT orchestra; they played in a joint concert with the Bryn Mawr College Orchestra, and she was the concert master of the orchestra.

Now he is a very active grandfather of two grandsons (pictured below) who are growing up on a horse farm near Leesburg, VA. He has taken one or both of them on summer trips to Costa Rica, Panama, Baja California, Alaska, and France.