Tribute to Honorable Gerald J. Mossinghoff by Oblon Partner Arthur Neustadt

March 23, 2020 – Firm News

Gerry would on a number of occasions confer with me concerning his expert witnessing. During our discussions, we would sometimes revert to our common experience many years ago of being young and ambitious patent attorneys long before the creation of the Federal Circuit, patent trolls, the America Invents Act and even before touch tone dialing, personal (rather than main frame) computers, mobile phones (which were not in the least small, convenient or "smart") and, of course, even before the difficult-to-imagine-as-not-being-present internet.

As some may know, Gerry grew up in St. Louis and was a long time Cardinals fan and never lost his love for friendly, honest as the day is long, and always anxious to help mid westerners.  He then came to DC because that was where the Patent Office (PO) was (not Arlington, not Alexandria) and before it was the Patent and Trademark Office (or the PTO).

Gerry was always unfailingly friendly, modest and unassuming, with much not to be modest about.  He was chief patent counsel for NASA during our nation's heady accomplishments with exploration of the moon and the planets, he served as Commissioner of Patents when our nation first began to recognize that the future of the world was intimately tied to the development of technology, he was instrumental in the formation of the Federal Circuit which resulted in the rebirth of the patent system which had lain dormant and subject to some hostility for an extended period and, last but certainly not least, he was a much beloved patent law professor at George Washington University law school and a longtime member of our firm where he was much in demand as a patent practice expert witness whose knowledge, experience and friendliness won over many grateful clients, trial judges and juries.

He lived a long and highly productive truly great life, and he was an even greater person to those who were fortunate to have known him.

I think of him fondly as I write this brief, and likely incomplete, tribute to Gerry.