Immunolight LLC

Immunolight's technology is centered on energy conversion from one part of the electromagnetic spectrum to another and the paradigm-shifting applications in far-ranging medical and commercial fields.

Oblon has played a key role in helping longstanding client Immunolight capture and leverage their IP assets surrounding their breakthrough platform technology. Their proprietary technology leverages the latest advances in energy transfer and has innumerable applications in far-reaching medical and commercial fields. While Immunolight founder Rick Bourke knew he was onto something big in 2007, he also recognized the importance of developing and implementing a holistic IP strategy to protect his company’s breakthrough technology.

When Immunolight first sought out Oblon for our patent drafting and prosecution capabilities almost a decade ago, both parties recognized the huge potential value in the technology and set about devising a plan to capture and develop the IP. What started as a single patent application has grown into a substantial portfolio of IP assets for Immunolight, and by partnering with Oblon from day one, Immunolight has received the critical guidance necessary to help them capture, develop and expand on their original invention. Oblon and Immunolight have navigated substantial business hurdles together such as developing new medical and commercial applications for the technology, structuring licensing agreements and protecting the brand through the registration of trademarks. Oblon helped bring the Immunolight brand and its inventions to life, positioning the company as a leader in the medical, solar, adhesives and electronics industries, to name a few.

You can learn more about Immunolight here.

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