Time & Changes, Except for the Washington Football Team Name

August 12, 2015 – Blog Post

Time & Changes, Except for the Washington Football Team Name

In 1992, the following article appeared in the USTA Remarks® Publication about the REDSKIN name and issues. The issues regarding the REDSKIN name have not changed much over time.

Over the course of more than 20 years, there have been lots of changes in other trademark areas. For example, the USTA Remarks® Publication also included an article about the U.S. PTO beginning to issue trademark registrations for “phone marks” such as 800-THE-B-OF-A for the Bank of America. Since that time, domain names have taken center stage.

Also, subsequent to this 1992 article, the USTA changed its name to INTA to reflect changing times. Moving in the direction of less is more, our firm has changed its name to the Oblon firm.

However, the Washington Football team has not been willing to change its name despite recent rulings by the TTAB and courts.

Perhaps the football team name controversy will be resolved before another decade or two or three.

See the links below for the current status.