Oblon, Spivak's Trademark Practice Group Responds To World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) Request For Comments On Internet Domain Names

March 1, 1999 – Firm News

The Trademark Practice Group of Oblon, Spivak has filed a detailed response to the World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) Request for Comments (RFC-3) relating to the Internet Domain Name Process. Oblon, Spivak is generally supportive of WIPO's recent Interim Report, but has commented on a number of recommendations made by WIPO for resolving disputes relating to domain names. Presently, the domain name conflicts are occuring in the ".com" top level domain, but there are proposals that would open-up both the number of registries and the number of top-level domains, to provide competition with the ".com" domain space. The WIPO Interim Report may be downloaded from the WIPO website at http://wipo2.wipo.int/process/eng/processhome.html. Oblon, Spivak's Response can be viewed on the WIPO site at http://wipo2.wipo.int/process/eng/processhome.html (to browse comments), or may be viewed here by clicking on the PDF link above. Oblon, Spivak is actively involved in issues relating to Internet domain names, and is representing many trademark owners in dealing with individuals and companies that have attempted to "hijack" our client's valuable trademarks. Additionally, several members of the Oblon, Spivak firm are substantially involved in establishing domain name policy, through their roles in the American Bar Association, International Trademark Association, and the AIPLA. Please contact us at trademarks@oblon.com if you have any questions or wish to discuss how Oblon, Spivak may assist your company in connection with its trademark or domain name issues.