Oblon Spivak Continues to Earn High Ratings from Ocean Tomo PatentRatings

October 27, 2010 – Firm News

Oblon, Spivak continues to earn high ratings from Ocean Tomo Patent Ratings. Ocean Tomo rates patents, companies, and law firms for IAM Magazine’sweekly e-mails, rotating between eight different categories of patented technologies each week. In rating the relative quality of USPTO-issued patents, Ocean Tomo accounts for over 50 relevant factors that correlate strongly with patent survival rates. The company and law firm ratings then consider both the average quality measurement for issued patents as well as the quantity of patents issued.

In the most recent ratings in each category, Oblon, Spivak has earned the highest ratings for any firm in industrials, materials, telecommunications, and energy. The firm has also earned high ratings for its information technology, consumer discretionary, and consumer staples patents in several of the ratings in recent months. These high ratings show that Oblon, Spivak has obtained high quality patents for its clients, and in large quantities across several industries.

As a leading law firm in the practice of intellectual property law, our goal is to continue to provide clients with the highest quality of service available.