Oblon Ranked #1 in the Annual Ocean Tomo/IAM Patent Quality Rankings

December 13, 2017 – Firm News
IAM Magazine

Oblon is pleased to announce that it has been ranked #1 in the annual Ocean Tomo/IAM rankings by IAM Magazine for the quality of the patents it obtains for its clients in the categories “Industrials” and “Overall”. The ranking of law firms is based on Ocean Tomo/IAM research and analysis identifying the top US firms that perform high-quality patent prosecution before the USPTO.

In addition to the law firm rankings, the IAM article reports on the importance of judging quality over the long term, which makes the job of patent prosecutors uniquely challenging. Indeed, the quality of a patent will be confirmed years after issuance, through litigation and/or licensing efforts. Patent quality can hide in the details of the specification and claims, including subtle language found in dependent claims that can withstand validity challenges while providing a basis for patent infringement.

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