Top 10 Patent Updates from the Courts and Congress in 2013

February 19, 2014

This webinar will address the following topics:  (1) Are opinions coming back?  A good-faith belief that a patent is invalid may negate intent for induced infringement.  (Commil USA v. Cisco Systems); (2) What is going on with Sec. 101? ; (3) Lane splitting after Therasense? (Network Signatures; Intellect Wireless); (3) Heading to the Supreme Court on Remedies/Attorneys' Fees (Highmark; Octane); (4) Is licensing activity enough for "Domestic Industry" at the ITC?; (5) Claim construction revisited (Lighting Ballast); and (6) Finally, coming fresh off the heels of the AIA, an update on even more possible legislation concerning patent reform, including six pending bills in the House and four pending bills in the Senate, and how this pending legislation might affect your practice. 

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