Practical Implication of Enactment of Reformed Patent Laws / Regulations in the US, Europe and Japan

October 14, 2012
LES [USA & Canada] 2012 Annual Meeting
Toronto, ON, Canada

Many of the important new or amended provisions of U.S. Patent Law need to be accommodated by practitioners for their own or their clients' better strategy for strengthening the values of their patent rights. Similarly, major important patent law reforms or rule changes have been implemented in Japan and in Europe. In this session, practical implications on such major patent law reforms in the U.S., Japan and Europe will be addressed, and discussion will be focused on major differences among these three regions regarding some of the most important provisions and/or rules and regulations.

Panel discussions from the comparative views of these regions and Q&A will follow. 

Dr. Yorikatsu Hohokabe of Oblon Spivak will be a panelist in the above workshop and Dr. Hohokabe also will moderate the discussions.

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