PLI's Patent Briefing Series: PTAB Roadblock to Patent Monetization

February 12, 2014
Practicing Law Institute
This presentation will be a dialogue that seeks to address questions on the minds of practitioners during this unsettled time. Topics/questions that will be addressed include:
  • Getting the attention of the client and explaining what is at stake.
  • Reaction to PTAB and CAFC decisions and predictions about what the future holds.
  • Is it malpractice not to advise a client to pursue post-grant proceedings at the PTAB?
  • What is a trial at the PTAB like? Is this examination or something different?
  • How can a patentee best present the story of the invention?
  • How can a challenger best prove the state of the art and obviousness?
  • Creating a complete record at the PTAB and avoiding waiver.
  • The impact of parallel district court and ITC proceedings involving the same patent.
  • Possible new legislation expanding or changing the current contested proceeding framework?

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