Nanotechnology Patents and Copyrights: Strategies for Securing and Protecting IP Rights

April 15, 2008
Legal Publishing Group of Strafford Publications
Live 90-Minute Teleconference, 1:00–2:30pm EST

J. Derek Mason from Oblon, Spivak will be a panelist in the above teleconference. Please click on the following links to view their presentations: Securing IP Rights in Nanotechnology - Best Practices - J. Derek Mason   Nanotechnology, one of the most dynamic emerging technologies, presents novel and complex problems for the patenting process. The unprecedented patent “land grab” taking place in the nanotechnology area will no doubt lead to problems down the road. Uncertainty as to scope of nanotechnology patents leaves researchers, developers, investors and others confused over IP rights. Such uncertainty will likely lead to patent enforcement challenges and result in litigation. What can patent owners and their counsel do now to protect these IP rights? Listen and participate from your telephone as our panel of IP law specialists examines the current landscape of IP rights in nanotechnology, issues related to securing IP rights in nanotechnology and best practices for protecting those rights. The panel will review these and other key questions: How can IP owners enforce nanotechnology copyrights without litigation? What are the unique considerations regarding who holds the prior art with nanotechnology? What key steps should IP owners take to protect their rights in nanotechnology?