French Association of IP Specialists (ASPI) – France 2017

October 12, 16 and 19, 2017
Grenoble, Paris, and Rennes, France

Philippe Signore has been invited to present by the French Association of IP Specialists (ASPI) and by Groupe Rhone-Alpes pour la Protection de la Propriete Industrielle (GRAPI) as part of their 2017 lecture series in France. His presentations will include discussions and analyses of recent developments in U.S. patent law, including strategic considerations relative to recent court decisions and administrative practices. Some of the topics covered include opinions of counsel (Halo and subsequent decisions), patentable subject matter (Alice and subsequent decisions), attorney-client privilege, laches (SCA decision), venue (TC Heartland decision), Inter Partes Reviews (Oil States case), and damages (Apple v. Samsung).