Diane Jones is a Technical Advisor in the Electrical and Mechanical Patent Prosecution practice group where she focuses on drafting patent applications for domestic and international clients. She has technical expertise in the fields of telecommunications, including LTE, 4G, 5G, internet of things, diversity antennas, MIMO, GPS, OFDM, wireless sensor networks, packet networks; electrical circuits, such as: inverters, converters, control systems, feedback loops, phase modulation, isolation circuits, floating cells in memory systems, flash memory circuits, circuit isolation techniques, and transformers, business methods, semiconductors, 3D printing, stereolithography (STL), fused deposit modeling (FDM) additive manufacturing (AM), nanotechnology, thin film technologies, batteries, magnetic sensing, NMR, imaging, autonomous vehicles, automotive technology, such as catalytic NOx reduction/oxidation systems, and well field technology.

Ms. Jones worked at a local firm for ten years as a Director of patent search groups. She managed a large team of patent analysts and is skilled in personnel development, training and teambuilding. Her technical experience includes analyzing cutting edge technical disclosures for thousands of inventions. Ms. Jones managed PCT search and opinion writing, validity, patentability and freedom to operate search teams. She spent two years in Gurgaon, Haryana, India opening a search office and training Indian patent analysts in patentability and validity searching.

Ms. Jones is a former examiner with the USPTO, where she specialized in magnetic sensing.


  • University of South Florida (M.S.E.E.)
  • University of South Florida (M.S.)
    • Physics
  • University of South Florida (B.A.)
    • Mathematics
  • University of South Florida (B.S.)
    • Physics


  • Graduated Cum Laude in Physics and Mathematics
  • Received an Academic Fellowship at the graduate level from 1982-1987