Oblon Celebrates International Women's Day 2018 – Press For Progress

March 8, 2018 – Firm News

Throughout history, women all over the world have pressed for progress, leading to great advances in every walk of life.  Since the mid-1900’s, women’s participation in the workforce has grown dramatically.  Currently, nearly sixty percent of women work outside the home.  This represents a 33% increase over the past 50 years.  Women now comprise almost half of the US workforce. 

In Science and Engineering, women made up only 23% of workers in 1993, and almost 30% today.  Oblon is proud to be ahead of that trend, with almost 60% of the Firm’s workforce made up of women.  

“The Firm would like to express its support of and appreciation for all of the women of Oblon, and recognize their achievements, the talent and knowledge they bring to their jobs and the significant individual and collective contributions they make to the Firm’s success every day. While we are honoring women, we would like to thank all Firm employees for their hard work and dedication!” said Philippe Signore, Managing Partner.