Japanese Patent Commissioner and Colleagues Visit Oblon, Spivak

February 8, 2007 – Firm News

Oblon, Spivak was honored to host Japanese Patent Office Commissioner, Mr. Makoto Nakajima, as well as his colleagues, Mr. Akihiro Kobayashi, Mr. Yuki Shimizu, of the Japanese Patent Office, and Mr. Tomoki Sawai, Special Advisor to the JPO, Director, JETRO NY, and Chief Representative, IIP, D.C. [see photo below]

Commissioner Nakajima consulted with the Honorable Gerald Mossinghoff, Senior Counsel and former USPTO Commissioner, as well as Mr. Bradley Lytle and Dr. Richard Treanor, Oblon, Spivak Board Members. Commissioner Nakajima explained a joint US Department of Commerce and Japanese Ministry of Economic Trade and Industry Initiative for Enhancing US-Japanese Cooperation on IPR Protection and Enforcement and other global issues. Mr. Mossinghoff addressed a number of questions presented by Commissioner Nakajima regarding past efforts between the USPTO and JPO. Mr. Nakajima also solicited Mr. Mossinghoff’s opinion regarding pending US Patent Reform Legislation and its likely effect on patent harmonization activities.

From left to right: Mr. Yuki Shimizu, Mr. Bradley Lytle, The Hon. Gerald Mossinghoff, Mr. Makoto Nakajima, Dr. Richard Treanor, Mr. Akihiro Kobayashi, and Mr. Tomok Sawai