Metallurgy is the science and technology of metals and their alloys. At Oblon, we have professionals with advanced degrees and scientific experience in this field, which has given them a thorough understanding of the science behind metallurgical innovations. Our professionals understand that modern metallurgy strives to achieve a balance among environmental considerations, energy efficiency, economic costs, and material properties such as weight, strength, toughness, hardness, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and performance under extreme conditions.

Our professionals combine their proven legal skill with in-depth technical expertise in metallurgy to provide a full range of legal services and support to our clients. We are well-trained and experienced to counsel clients concerning their metallurgy inventions. We know how to respond to rejections based on “overlapping” ranges, “close enough” arguments and “inherent” properties. Indeed, we have been securing, protecting and advising on patent rights in metallurgy for many years. We have helped and counseled our clients in various branches of metallurgy, including mineral processing to extract valuable metals, physical metallurgy to use and develop metals and their alloys to prepare products for consumers and manufacturers, and chemical metallurgy to use chemical processing to convert minerals from inorganic compounds to valuable metals.