Electrical Patent Prosecution

The ability to profitably harness innovation is the defining trait of all successful technology companies. The ability to effectively harness the U.S. patent system to protect commercially valued innovation is the defining trait of Oblon. It is for this reason that the most well-known technology companies in the world rely on the patent prosecution counsel of Oblon.

The goal of our Electrical Patent Prosecution group is to fashion patent assets that will advance the business goals of our clients by protecting their innovation investment. From our group of seasoned electrical patent professionals, clients are paired with the best prosecutor(s) to suit their technology and legal needs. Our electrical team is comprised of prosecutors with years of real-world engineering experience, advanced degrees, and even former United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) experience. As a result of our client-centric approach, Oblon has secured more patents in the U.S. than any other law firm, every year, for the past two decades. More importantly, our clients more than any other have leveraged our focused team approach to cost-effectively secure patent portfolios valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  

We Understand Your Language

Our accomplished electrical prosecution professionals are experienced in a vast array of electrical and software disciplines–many holding advanced degrees in electrical engineering, computer and software engineering, physics, and other fields. To remain at the top, the team stays current on cutting-edge technologies and underlying sciences in the full range of electrical innovations, including semiconductors, telecommunication protocols, electronics, medical instruments, lighting, nuclear power, memory chips, and more.

Our Insight Into the USPTO is Unrivaled

Our team includes a former USPTO Commissioner and a USPTO Deputy Patent Commissioner for Patent Policy. Notably, the Deputy Commissioner was responsible for promulgating many of the rules with which our clients must now comply. Our team also includes a former Assistant Solicitor and Administrative Patent Judge (APJ), as well as many former Patent Examiners, all of whom offer a unique perspective on the patenting process. This unparalleled insight, combined with our attorneys’ technical expertise, enables our electrical prosecution group to efficiently and effectively represent our clients’ interests to assure the broadest patent protection before the USPTO.

Personal Advocacy

With an office located directly adjacent to the USPTO’s campus in Alexandria, Virginia, our attorneys meet daily with USPTO Patent Examiners rather than relying on other less effective forms of communication. Our personal advocacy ensures that the Examiners clearly understand and appreciate each invention. As a result of our face-to-face discussions with Examiners we can obtain patents more cost effectively and rapidly than competing law firms.

Our Client Focus

Whether your need is securing claims for inclusion to a patent pool, drafting claims to cover competitive products, or building a portfolio of business-relevant patents, our breadth of electrical patent prosecution experience can meet the task.

Taking a streamlined team approach when representing our clients’ interests, we choose the most highly skilled professionals with respect to the particular technology and legal issues presented. Each step is handled by talented practitioners striving to obtain the best results for our clients.  We regularly meet with our clients, working closely with them to determine the scope of their inventions and craft applications that effectively meet their business needs and goals.

Our Clients

We have long-term relationships with our clients, many going back 40-plus years to the firm’s inception. We invest a great deal in understanding our clients’ businesses, technologies and goals, often placing a firm representative in client facilities to gain first-hand experience with their projects. Additionally, the firm routinely educates client representatives as part of a formal training program, hosting client representatives from around the world.

Our clients include a full range of foreign and domestic companies, multinational corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, emerging entities and the U.S. government. The firm is a Department of Defense-approved secure facility and can handle classified military matters.

We are also experienced in helping companies that import products into the United States comply with the U.S. legal system and avoid infringement. Working with clients from every continent, we help them create a strong U.S. market position and effective intellectual property defense capabilities.

Our Services

Our team is well versed in drafting and prosecuting the full range of technologies.  We are familiar with all techniques for expediting patent prosecution, handling groups of cases (group prosecution), conducting patentability studies, obtaining patents that read on industry standards, ensuring compliance with standards, enforcing patents, applying strategic prosecution in support of litigation, and developing strategies to optimize the value of patent portfolios. We also help clients to identify and prioritize patentable inventions.

Additionally, we offer opinions and counsel clients to help them establish strong internal intellectual property processes, fully exploit their intellectual property to its full business advantage, and guide them in developing and protecting their patent portfolios. We counsel clients on availing patents to their full business advantage taking into consideration their business strategies.

We also interface with our worldwide network of patent firms to obtain corresponding patent rights for our clients in foreign countries.