Chemical Patent Prosecution

Oblon’s Chemical Patent Prosecution group leverages chemists and other Ph.D.-level scientists, prosecuting attorneys and litigators to provide an unmatched level of success in protecting our clients’ most valuable intellectual property (IP) assets in the chemical fields.

Our Clients

We provide patent protection services to some of the largest international companies in the world from the U.S., Japan, Europe, and most recently, China. Our clients are involved in a range of chemical-related industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, polymers, dyes and pigments, steel, biotech, nanotech, glass, chemical processing, food and beverage products, materials, clean tech, alternative energy technologies, biofuels, medical devices, semiconductors, fibers/textiles/footwear, agricultural technology, coatings, oil and natural gas processing, packaging and films, plastics, specialty and fine chemicals, catalyst technologies, automotive and liquid crystals.

Our Attorneys

Clients rely on us for our high-level technical expertise–almost all of our members have Ph.D.s and chemical research and development experience. Some are even inventors themselves. Nearly a dozen of our attorneys are former Patent Examiners with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with insider knowledge of the complexities of that office. Two of our attorneys–Harris Pitlick and Teddy Gron–held senior-level positions within the USPTO before joining our firm.

Our Approach

Our clients enjoy direct access to the group’s seasoned attorneys who clearly understand their challenges, and more importantly, their technology. With no complicated staffing layers, our clients enjoy a streamlined, cost-effective approach. With offices strategically located adjacent to the USPTO, our chemical patent prosecution attorneys meet daily with Patent Examiners, conducting face-to-face meetings to effectively and cost-efficiently represent our clients’ interests.

Our Services

Our attorneys counsel clients throughout the patent prosecution process, providing seamless service from application through prosecution, and offer litigation advice if and when legal challenges arise. We prosecute patents with an eye toward potential legal challenges, and carefully evaluate the interplay of patents, working to ensure the broadest patent protection possible so that our clients can maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

In addition to our patent prosecution services, we provide transactional advice, addressing licensing, sales, and IP issues that arise in mergers, acquisitions and other dispositions. We regularly conduct in-depth patentability, infringement and freedom-to-operate analyses. Our team has also developed expertise in patent term extension and adjustments, and offers patent lifecycle management guidance, which is especially useful to our pharmaceutical clients looking to extend the life of a patent.