Webinar: Drafting Software Patents to Survive Section 101 and AIA Challenges

January 23, 2018

Steve Kunin and Mike Kiklis will be presenting this CLE webinar on How to Insulate Patents Against CBM & IPR Attacks.


  1. Challenges in drafting software patents
  2. Guidance from recent decisions
  3. Best practices for drafting software patent claims
    1. Benefits of claimed inventions
    2. Source code
    3. Anticipating and minimizing the risk of rejections


The panel will review these and other key issues:

  • What are the hurdles for patent counsel to demonstrate a software-related claim is not abstract?
  • If an abstract idea is found, how can patent practitioners pass Alice’s step two?
  • What guidance have the courts provided in recent decisions concerning patent eligibility for software-related inventions?
  • What best practices should counsel use to help software-related inventions survive AIA challenges?