Patent Law and Policy 2016: Courts, Congress, and the Monetization Landscape

November 15, 2016
IAM Patent
Washington, DC

Oblon is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of IAM's Patent Law and Policy: Courts, Congress and the Monetisation Landscape event.

This one-day conference in Washington DC gathers 100+ patent professionals to not just discuss recent changes in US patent law and policy, but also examine how senior decision makers at major IP-owning businesses should respond to them.

Patent Law and Policy 2016 covers key issues including how patent policy might be shaped by the new Congress and the new administration; the state of patent litigation in 2016; how four years of inter partes reviews have affected patent assertion strategies; and the view from investors on how the legal and legislative climates affect their investment decisions. No other law and policy event is as accessible and business relevant as Patent Law and Policy 2016.

Scott McKeown and Mike Kiklis will be speaking on "Four Years of the PTAB" and "A General Overview of the Patent Litigation Landscape".