Patent Eligibility Post Alice Corp Decisions: New Strategies in IP

April 14, 2015
National Constitution Center

The Supreme Court and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) have issued rulings post-Alice Corp. vs. CLS Bank regarding patent eligibility, §101 applicability, and providing important guidance on patentable subject matter. Under these new rules, how will §101 be applied to determine patent eligibility, and what are the opinions determining patent ineligibility of new and existing patented ideas? Join Michael Kiklis as he reviews the recent Alice Corp. vs. CLS decision, and addresses how to demonstrate patent eligibility in the wake of subsequent rulings, as well as:

  • PTAB rulings and opinions post Alice Corp: Crucial changes to patent eligibility
  • How §101 will be applied to determine and secure patent eligibility
  • Critical claim limitations and patent ineligibility claims: Keys to draft and respond
  • Rejections under §101: How to get computer-related applications approved
  • Review of Alice Corp. vs. CLS Bank and related PTAB opinions