26th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference

April 6, 2011
American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law (ABA-IPL)
Arlington, Virginia

Christopher A. Bullard and Zachary S. Stern of Oblon, Spivak spoke at the above conference:

Mr. Bullard moderated the following panel discussion: "Reform Inside & Outside the USPTO":

  • This panel discussion features PTO and congressional representatives who will provide up-to-the-minute reports on the progress of patent reform initiatives inside and outside the Patent Office. Learn about changes occurring at the PTO, including current and future PTO initiatives to improve the examination and appeals processes.

Mr. Stern was a panelist in the following discussion: "Obviousness Rejections" - KSR v. Teleflex:

  • On September 1, 2010, the USPTO released updated examination guidelines that provide guidance to examiners and practitioners for analyzing obviousness. Starting with the examination guidelines, the panel will explore how the KSR standards have been applied in various technology areas and provide guidance for effective avenues of argument based on the technology area. The panel will also discuss various arguments that may be effective, but may also narrow the scope of arguments that can be made during litigation.

The panel focused on discrete challenges and solutions for navigating the trademark application process. Topics included:

  • Surname refusals
  • Drafting goods/services declarations
  • Developments in TMEP and USPTO’s electronic systems
  • Madrid Protocol applications

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